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What is Your Business's Vision and Why it is Important?

A business’s vision is essential for providing guidance as to the direction the company should be heading. It’s the north star for you as the owner, your employees, and even for customers. It is the why that allows you to think bigger and provides purpose for everyday activities.

Guiding the Business

When you know where you want to go, it makes decisions easy. They become binary; is this moving us towards the vision or away from it?

It also helps you overcome obstacles because in relation to the grand vision, they seem small. Your why needs to be greater than the challenge you face in order overcome it.

Empowering Employees

When employees are able to get behind a vision, it helps to provide a purpose for their work. They can begin to see how their individual work is contributing to the overall goal. For them it is no longer doing work for a paycheck, they can find the purpose behind their work; sometimes a greater incentive than money.

When you have a clear vision for the company, be sure that it is clearly communicated to employees. Make sure that they understand why they are doing the work they do, and how it contributes to the vision. This will help them get behind the vision and work harder to help you achieve the vision.

Customers Can Help

If your customers are aware of your vision, they may get involved as well; possibly becoming big supporters. This may be through buying more or telling others about you and your goals. If your vision goes beyond just your company and focuses on the impact on people and communities, more people will be able to get behind your vision and will be willing to help you achieve it.

Defining Your Vision

So how do you define a clear vision for your company or project? First, think about the impact you want it to ultimately have. Is it to help a local community through something specific? Or is it something bigger like improving the lives of a group of people? Next, work backwards to create a statement that defines what your business will be in order to have this impact. It should be big enough that you may well never achieve it as a goal, but something to strive towards. The vision can be adjusted along the way, so don’t be concerned about getting it perfect the first time; just make sure it provides something big that is worth working towards.