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What is Your Business Known For?

This can be a simple question, but it holds so much weight in the success of your company. It determines the type of clients you attract, type of employees who want to work for you, and how you conduct business. Is your business known to be the best in the field, or just alright? Fast or slow? Ahead of time or always late? Quality or economy? Average at many services or exceptional with a few services? Customers treated like VIPs or just a transaction?

Take a moment to think what your business is known for. You may need to ask employees or even customers to get a clear answer. Is it what you would like it to be known for? If it is, great! You’re on the right track; keep doing what you’re doing. If not, continue reading.

Bridging the Gap

Knowing what you’d like the business to be known for is a great start; now we need to work backwards to figure out what actions to take in order to get there.

Take a look at the big picture, what needs to change in order to start heading in the right direction? Does the quality need to go up? Does efficiency need to improve so that orders are delivered on time? Does the customer’s experience need to be improved so that it aligns with the level of service you strive to provide?

With these questions answered, break it down into actions that need to be taken. Take the customer experience question for example: do you need to create an on-boarding system for new customers, is there a way that your company can take responsibility of problems instead or attempting to avoid/deflect them, etc?

Determine who in your business can implement this, and work with them to do so.

Daily actions build a reputation

It will take time to make the change; and it is built by consistent daily actions.

Final Thoughts

Take some time once a year, or even once a quarter to examine what the business stands for and how it is perceived by others. Ask yourself if it is in alinement with what you’d like it to be.