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Letting Go: Empowering Your Team

If you were to message your team and let them know that you had to take two weeks off for a medical reasons, what would happen?

Would things continue to run as if you had never left? If so, great!

Or would you return to a chaotic mess?

Many owners would find themselves in the second situation. They are so involved in the day to day operations of the business, that they don’t have processes in place so it can operate without them. They are the main decision maker in the business. Without them, there is not clear direction for the staff.

The owner becomes overworked, stressed, and can begin to feel trapped in the very thing they thought would provide freedom. The business runs them, instead of the other way around. And if they needed to sell the business - they would have a hard time doing so, as the business is so reliant on the owner. This is where trusting others and building solid business systems comes into play.

The Importance of Trust

As an owner, it can be difficult to let another person be in charge of a task. When starting out, you most likely wore all the hats. And with that, possibly developed the mentality that you do it best and care the most. Maybe you do, but the thing is, you have that level of care because it is your business, and your goals and dreams.

The best way to get the results desired is to provide clear directions of what the ideal goal or outcome of a task would be, along with best practices for doing so. Setting these expectations allows the employee to know whether or not they are meeting the standards needed.

Here’s the deal: in order to get the best results, you need to put your trust into your team. Empower them to do exceptional work, and encourage them along the way.

There will be times that someone will fall short. But turning that failure into a learning experience is the best way to make good out of a bad situation. However, if you have the systems in place for them, more times than not you will be surprised at how well they do. Maybe even better than you could have done yourself - as we all have our short comings and there is no way to be great at everything.

The biggest factor is trust. Your employees will be able to feel this. When you empower them to take control over an activity and let them know you trust their ability and judgement - their sense of ownership takes over. The work reflects them, and they can take pride in the work. Fostering an environment where your employees can grow and excel will do wonders for your business as a byproduct.

Building the Systems to Help Them Succeed

As mentioned earlier, creating the systems and processes for completing a task will help allow team members to understand what is expected from them and help them complete it successfully. You want to give team members every chance to succeed, and systems enable them to go at it fully prepared.

The systems provide guidance and offer best practices for completing a task. It sets the standard for quality and timeliness; and the biggest factor - consistency. Its importance cannot be understated. It allows customers to know what to expect from your company, and builds their trust in your company.

For more in depth information on building the systems, you can check out our in depth guide to business automation.

The Impact On Your Business

The sense of relief you feel after letting go is immense. You don’t need to worry about it endlessly, there is someone responsible taking care of it, and you can trust in the process. Being able to take time off and come back to everything operating as it should is one of the best feelings. You realize that you’ve created something bigger than yourself - it will operate without you. With this, you are able to spend time on tasks that will have a dramatic impact on the growth of the business. Achieving the term; working on your business instead of in your business.

It will remove you as a limiting factor in the businesses growth. When you are no longer the sole decision maker in the business, you remove yourself as the bottleneck. And with this, the business can handle more capacity; ultimately allowing it to grow.

Just because you can do everything doesn’t mean you should. This is part of becoming a great leader and the owner of your business. You realize that you need to trust in other people in order for you business to grow and thrive. Others will compliment your weaknesses. As the owner, your job is to empower others to do great work.

Chandler Hagglund