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How to Build Brand Loyalty

A large portion of future revenue will come from your current customers. With that, it is important to build trust between your company and its customers to keep them coming back time after time. The focus needs to be on solving their problems and making sure they are happy. Over time, and with consistency, you will be able to build brand loyalty.

Be Authentic & Consistent

Transparency will help build trust with your customers. Let them know why you do what you do. And with this consistency is key to keeping people around. If they have a different experience every time they interact with your company, you will lose people rather quickly. Consistency allows you to meet or beat their expectations on a regular basis. Would you go to a Starbucks if every time you ordered a drink you received something that tasted completely different? Consistency is one of the things they do right to keep people coming back.

Beat Expectations

Building off of the previous, strive to beat customers expectations. Putting in the extra effort to really wow your customers will set you apart from competitors. Providing an experience that will make them want to tell their friends about you, and for sure come back again.

Provide Massive Value

If your customer feel as if they have received more value than what what they paid, it is a no brainer for them to come back again. If they don’t feel that they have gotten their money’s worth, they may feel ripped off and lose trust in the business. The value you provide to them should exceed what they paid for.

If you do compete with other businesses; compete on value provided instead of price (which is a race to the bottom). This focuses on providing the best for your customers instead of attempting to cut corners and lower the price as much as possible.

Make Customer Service Top Priority

All businesses need to be customer service oriented. It is what helps some businesses succeed while others just do alright. The customer is the top priority in your business, without them - you don’t have much of a business. So treat them right, always resolve issues (even if it costs more in the short run, it will be worth it in the long run).

If you feel taken care of by a business, you will come back again right? Your customers feel the same way. Make sure to fix any problems they have, and strive to make them happy (though this doesn’t mean you have to answer the phone with, “Thank you for calling ___, what can I do to make you smile today?”).

Keep up on Quality

Always make sure to keep an eye on the quality of deliverables. If things start to decline, make the correction. Quality products and services build brand loyalty. If things start to falter, customers will begin to lose faith in your company. Don’t lose sight of quality as you grow; set standards so you know if they are being met on a day to day basis.

Have Systems in Place to Operate Smoothly

Something will believe in strongly is building out solid systems and processes for your business. From a brand loyalty standpoint, it helps to create consistency throughout the company, set standards for deliverables, and helps you operate smoothly. Customers will be able to see this from the outside. If everything is running smoothly internally, their experience with your company should go down without a hiccup. And when things go down flawlessly, you build trust.

Follow-Up Regularly

One thing that will help you build the relationship with your customers and ultimately brand loyalty is to maintain contact. You don’t need to be spammy, nor should you be. It is more about updating them, asking if there is anything you can do for them, and ideally just asking them how they are. The idea is to be sincere as customers can smell sales in disguise (so don’t be that guy). Your goal is to develop the relationship to build brand loyalty, not always to get an extra dollar.

Listen to Feedback

Take time to listen to customer feedback, you will gain wonderful insights on how your business can improve. You shouldn’t make every single change people recommend, but it’s a good idea to look in things that come up on a recurring basis. You may find other products or services you can provide that you customers already want, things that are unnecessary, areas that could use some extra attention, among other things. Customers are the ones interacting with your business on a daily basis, so listen to what they have to say.

Be Responsive

What irritates you more than trying to get in touch with a business because you have a problem, but they don’t ever seem to get back to you? For me personally, there’s not much. If you want to build brand loyalty, be responsive. Have the systems in place so that you can get back to customers as quickly as possible. Don’t let them sit there when they are upset or need something. Get back to them right away. If they know your company is responsive, it will build their trust that much more.

Take Time to Build Relationships

Build a real relationship with your customers, don’t just treat them like a transaction; they will get that feeling if you are. If there is a true relationship with your company, you know there is brand loyalty there. People can give up on a nameless company, but if they have a relationship with staff members - it is much more difficult to switch to another provider. Put faces to the company. Create a human connection and let them know you care.

Final Thoughts

Follow these guidelines and you will be on your way to building brand loyalty for your company. The key takeaway from this is to do what’s right and try to provide the best experience for your customers. Trust is the main factor in building brand loyalty. Without it, you can’t create brand loyalty; there’s nothing urging them to be loyal to you.