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Establishing Your Brand: How to Provide the Feeling You Seek

When it comes to establishing your brand and what it stands for, it is important to know where you want go before you start putting it out there. For example, are you trying to become the high end choice for customers, or is your focus speed of delivery? Is the culture a fun and inviting place, or is it best of the best - with professionalism is stressed above all else?

What do you want customers to feel when they interact?

Are you aiming for them to feel professionalism, comical, lightheartedness, strong passion, or something else about your company? Think about who you are as an owner. What fits best for your personality? Are you a laid back person, or are you all about business and extreme professionalism? After this, take into consideration what type of customer you are trying to attract. What personality type do you want your business to wok with? And with this, consider what their tastes typically are. What do they expect when it comes to customer service, follow up, and the overall experience of buying and using your products or services?

Working backwards, what do you need to do to make this happen?

Now that you know what kind of feeling you want your company to exude, it’s time to work backwards to determine what needs to be done in order to accomplish this. Does your website reflect your goal? What about interactions with customers, articles put out, communications with others about your company, your mission statement? Do they reflect the feeling you’d like them to? Is the tonality in line with what it should be? How could they be changed to make them aligned with your goals?


You know what kind of feeling you would like the company to exude, and have determined what actions need to be taken in order to achieve this. Now it’s time to execute a make your business aligned with how you’d like it to feel to others.