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Creating a Customer Experience Worth Talking About

It’s not about what you can get out of your customer

It’s what can you provide for them.

What value can you add? How can you help them? What can you do to go beyond the call of duty to enhance their experience?

The Details Count

It can be a small little action you take that will have a big impact on your customer’s experience.

Let’s take a hotel for example. You come to the check in desk, and follow the normal routine. But while you’re there, the front desk asks what your favorite snacks and beverages are. You answer, not thinking much of it, and proceed to drop your bags in the room. Then you head out to continue with your evening. When you come back, to your surprise there’s a basket with your favorite drinks and snack, along with a handwritten note from the front desk welcoming you and letting you know how much they appreciate you staying with them. They took the extra step to make you feel more at home and comfortable with your stay.

But here’s the real icing on the cake, you enjoyed your experience last time, so when you come back to the city you stay with them again. This time you check in and upon arriving in your room you find a basket with your favorites you mentioned last time. This time the note reads, “Hi John, welcome back. We are so pleased to have you with us again”.

Would you stay there every time you came to that city? I know I sure would. You see, it wasn’t a massive gesture, but the small details make the experience that much better. They make you feel welcome and appreciated. This type of attention to details doesn’t just apply to the hospitality industry. I’m sure there is something you can do in your business to make the customer’s experience that much better.

Personalize Interactions

Do everything in your capacity to not treat a customer like a number that is contributing to your bottom line. Personalize the conversations and interactions they have with your company. Interact with them on a human level; in other words, give John or Madison the time needed to make sure they are happy. Treat them like people, not just customer #153750234.

This is where so many businesses go wrong once they reach a certain point. Their focus shifts from serving customers, to just trying to squeeze every last dollar they can. And the customer’s experience with the company reflects that. They can feel that they are just one of hundreds or thousands of customers putting money into the machine. It feels impersonable, cold, and they get the sense that the company only wants their money. If the customer has a choice, they will seek an alternative.

I challenge you to focus on making the customers your number one priority. Let them know how much they mean to the company, and be genuine. Show your appreciation.