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Enjoy The Process

When building a business, it can be easy to get caught up with the constant stress of day to day operations, along with the stress of wanting to grow. At this time it is important to enjoy the process. Yes it may feel like a hundred things are flying at you at the same time, but you are working in the long term.

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Educate: Getting The Word Out

Content marketing is a popular way to attract new business for many reasons; it helps potential customers become familiar with your company, demonstrates your company is an expert on the topic, it is a long term strategy, and in some cases - significantly lower costs compared to other methods of client acquisition. This can be accomplished through a variety of modes including; articles, podcasts, videos, ebooks, etc. The main goal is to help potential customers before they even reach to you to solve their problem.

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How to Create a Referral Engine

Referrals are great for business; they are easy to turn into a customer because many times they are pre-sold on you because of all the good things their friend has said about your company. And often they become your best customers. You love getting referrals, but they probably come in inconsistently. So how do you go about creating a system to consistently get referrals?

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What is Your Business Known For?

This can be a simple question, but it holds so much weight in the success of your company. It determines the type of clients you attract, type of employees who want to work for you, and how you conduct business. Is your business known to be the best in the field, or just alright? Fast or slow? Ahead of time or always late? Quality or economy? Average at many services or exceptional with a few services? Customers treated like VIPs or just a transaction?

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What Do You Want? - Defining Your Goals

Defining where you want the company to go and where you want to go as a person is essential to building the business you want. It helps make the day to day decisions because you know which direction to go. When you started the business, why did you do it? Was it the money? The freedom of being the boss? Love of the trade?

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How to Package Your Services

Building packages for your services is important for a multitude of reasons. The first is that it helps you productize your services, allowing you to offer a specific scope for a set price. It makes it more difficult for potential customers to comparison shop on price, as they may not be able to find packages comparable to the ones you offer.

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Inbound vs. Outbound Marketing - Which Is More Effective?

I’m going to be straight forward with you…people hate ads. They interrupt what you are doing and try to portray the message that their company is the best. Think of the last piece of direct mail you received. Did you even open it before tossing it in the recycle bin? Maybe the company was clever enough to make it look like something important, you even opened it, but did you read it all the way through once you realized it was an ad?

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How to Boost Your Profits

One of the biggest factors contributing to low profit margins is not charging enough. If you are making price your competitive advantage, you will lose in the long run. If you get a customer because you have the lower price, they will go to the next guy that beats you on price. If you continue this cycle, it becomes a race to the bottom. No one wins that race. This includes always offering discounts; it is cutting into your margins.

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Four Methods to Increase Your Revenue

When many business owners think about increasing their revenue for the year, the method that comes to mind right away is getting more customers to buy their products or services. While this is one way to do so, there are several other ways that may be more beneficial for your company.

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