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Building an Exceptional Customer Experience

Creating an experience that wows customers is crucial to your continued success. When they have a great experience, your customers will keep coming back again and again. And if it was remarkable enough, they will bring their friends.

What is Customer Experience For Your Company?

When you think about how a customer experiences your company you need to keep these three areas in mind:

  • Touch-points

    Every time a customer comes in contact with the business, what does it look and feel like?

  • Interactions

    What does the communication between the business and customer feel like?

  • Engagement

    When a customer take action, how well do your employees engage with them?

Take the time to look at your company through your ideal customer’s lens. How do interactions go, what does the company look like to outsiders, does the experience with the company feel human - or just transactional, among others. Work backwards from the experience you want to deliver.

Below are six things you should take into consideration when building your customer experience.

1.) Attentiveness

Attentiveness to details shows that your company cares about their customers. It may be the smallest detail, but customers will notice and appreciate it. This could be well thought out product design, or even little things in the customer journey meant to enhance their experience.

2.) Recognition

Do you recognize the importance of your customers? From the largest to the smallest customers, do they feel as if they are important? Making your customers feel important can be as simple as getting back to them in a timely fashion. Recognizing their problems or issues, and doing your best to solve them.

3.) Personalization

How do you make the customer’s experience with you personalized just for them? Where do you go the extra mile to make them feel like a VIP? This can be as simple as using their name in conversation (don’t overdo it), and relating to them on a personal level. The main goal here is to make them feel special.

4.) Consideration

Does your company take your customer’s time, budget, thoughts into consideration? When working with customers, it is important to empathize with their point of view. When they wait on hold, is that considerate of their time? Probably not in their mind, and it negatively effects their experience. As a company, you should be aware of the customer’s situation, and do your best to be considerate.

5.) Appreciation

Do you show customers how much you actually appreciate their business? This can go a long way. Many times businesses begin to treat each interaction as if it is transactional. Showing them how much your company cares and appreciates their business builds strong customer loyalty. This does not have to be a big gesture, it could be as simple as a personalized note or a genuine call thanking them.

6.) Delight

What ways does your company go out of its way to surprise and delight customers? This doesn’t need to all the time, but think about what your company can do to systematically overdeliver on promises and expectations. This could be providing faster shipping than expected, going beyond the bare necessities when providing a service, or just providing something special that they did not expect.

Final Thoughts

It is important that you build these experiences into your processes so that they happen regularly; to create consistency. Serving your customer should be high importance in your business, as it has a massive impact on retention and referrals. Creating an exceptional customer experience goes beyond just fulfilling their need and moving on, the details make all the difference.