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Being Efficient vs Being Effective

Before you go to optimize a process so that it runs as efficient as possible, ask if certain tasks or even the entire process is necessary to achieve the end result desired. Is there a better way to achieve the same goal? Sometimes being efficient doesn’t mean that you are being effective.

Doing The Right Things vs Doing Things Right

If a someone was attempting to boost sales for a company, they could go door to door trying to sell the stuff. Over time they would become extremely efficient at door to door selling, but is there a more effective way they could be selling? Maybe using ads or direct mail to sell would provide a better ROI.

When examining your own processes, before looking to find ways to make it more efficient, determine if it is necessary in the first place.

Sometimes elimination can be more beneficial to achieving the same goal. You’d be surprised how many activities are done in order to be busy. But is being busy the goal, or is it to achieve an outcome? How many times have you put off the activities you should do? I bet you have, we all have. These challenging activities will likely drive the most progress for you; far beyond the work you are doing to be “busy”.

Take away: Make effectiveness your goal before seeking efficiency.