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Are You Working On The Right Things To Take Your Company To The Next Level?

I want to ask you this question so that you stop and think for a second. What do you do on a daily basis for your company? Is your time spent doing activities just to keep your business afloat or is it spent on activities that will “move the needle” so to speak? What activities are you putting off that will have the greatest impact for the company?

Work That Matters

Not all work is created equal. Some work needs to be done on a daily basis, however it is not contributing to the growth of the company. Could you hire someone to take care of the repetitive tasks or even use software? If so you should, that you can focus on higher level tasks that will drive business growth and development.


How do you prioritize activities? Once you have the repetitive tasks taken care of by others, decide what you can do that will have the biggest impact.

Start with the activity that will have the largest impact. Don’t try to accomplish ten tasks at once; focus on one and do it exceptionally well, then move onto the next.

Doing What Needs to Be Done

What have you been putting off? We all have a certain phone call, speech, or project that we’ve been putting off that would help us go to the next level. But the thing is, it’s hard to do. Sometimes the things that we don’t want to do are the exact things we need to do. Go do the thing you find difficult or challenging, it will be worth it.